Settling in at our Day Care Center

The entry into preschool and the start of the Kita life is a decisive and unique experience for children and parents.

We offer ideal childcare facilities in a unique environment.

Settling into a new environment can take some time. We will make this experience as comfortable as possible for your child and you as a parent.

Familiarizing your child step by step to the new environment, new people and new routines is based on the "Berlin Model". Together with an appointed child care worker, your child will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings and to develop a close connection with their appointed caregiver. Your child is slowly introduced to the environment through this relationship with the caregiver. This is an important time for all parents and for us. A particularly close collaboration with the parents is required so that we can respond to the child’s individual needs.

From the interactions with the individuals
and things around them,
Children gradually draw much
of the building material
for their personal identity.
L. Malaguzzi