Our Learning Program

In addition to loving care, we value fulfilling our mission of education.

The individual and holistic development of your child is important to us. In our educational system every child is understood as a small researcher who wants to discover, understand and creatively shape the world. We develop learning opportunities, based on the children’s growth and interests, in order to develop their greatest potentials. New provocations that build on their interests capture their attention. These grow into group and individual projects woven into every day which in turn expand the young learner’s knowledge and create new directions for learning.

Learning Provocations for little adventurers, researchers and explorers

Close dialogue with parents is very important to us. It is clear to us that education is a shared partnership with the parents. Therefore, close cooperation and a daily exchanges of knowledge with the parents are very important to us. Ongoing discussions with parents support the children’s growth and create transparency.

Children are bursting with ideas
that are always impatient
to escape through language
(and we say a hundred languages)
to connect and communicate
with the things of the world.
L. Malaguzzi