The heart of our facilities is the atelier or studio. Here the children are invited to interact and create with a variety of materials.

They can experiment and design in the studio, with no limits on creativity or imagination.

Creative, colorful and unique

The large variety of materials, "beautiful stuff", which we use in our studio work, come from nature, everyday life or from the household. They entice the small artist and explorer to paint, paste, design and create.

In this area of daycare, we introduce children in a thoughtful and playful way to the topics of sustainability and environmental awareness. It is important to us to raise awareness among children that many things from nature and from our everyday life can be reused and that they can be used inventively and sustainably.

Our studio is a wonderful place where children can tinker, paint and draw. With professional guidance they learn techniques to express their ingenuity, spontaneity and creativity, but also concentration and skill are encouraged and grasped here.

Creativity is the power
that drives the individual to develop.
C.G. Jung