In the north of Düsseldorf, we also provide a comprehensive range of care services with our facility in Düsseldorf Angermund. Opened in 2012, the facility is centrally located in a large townhouse that has been specially converted according to our ideas. It offers the ideal care facility for all children between four months and school entry. The heart of this facility is, in addition to the lovingly furnished group rooms, the beautiful outdoor area, a large sports hall and an art studio. It invites children to play and romp around with its developmentally appropriate climbing and play facilities as well as vehicles, trampoline, and nest swing to encourage the children’s motor development.

A child is…
A butterfly in the wind.
Some can fly higher than others;
but each one flies the best it can.
Why compare one against the other?
Each one is different!
Each one is special!
Each one is beautiful!
Tomas Higginson