Language Education

Learning language in order to be able to express yourself and to motivate children to keep asking questions is the goal of our daily work. Because only questioning children have the knowledge of the world at their feet.

It is important to Papillon to make interested, questioning researchers out of the children. In day-to-day activities, we have many activities and provocations that provide language learning.

The world's knowledge lies at the feet of questioning children

Language education encompassing the senses is important to us. Children have a lot to say. Our job is to provide opportunities for them to express themselves, not only through language, but also physically, visually and creatively. Based on the principles of Reggio pedagogy, we therefore encourage children's linguistic development and expressiveness through playing, singing, dancing, researching and discovering together. We encourage growth of their communication skills through their holistic development and through bilingual education.

In the field of bilingual education, we focus on the playful use of the "foreign" language. We have a native English speaking specialist in our facilities who communicates with the children in English.

The child has a hundred languages,
a hundred hands,
a hundred thoughts,
a hundred ways of thinking,
of playing, of speaking…
of listening
of marveling, of loving
a hundred joys…
L. Malaguzzi