Our Projects

Children are little adventurers, researchers and explorers and should enjoy learning and discovering. Providing children learning opportunities through provocations is a high priority at Papillon.

Children are supported by our knowledgeable staff in their learning processes. During projects where they live out their natural curiosity and research ideas. Children will always have curious questions. At Papillon, children will learn how to find answers and solutions effectively. They use these productive skills in future learning. With us your child will learn about themselves and their environment through inquiry and creativity. Self-confidence, self-awareness and self-regulation will grow, while feeling secure in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Learning provocations for little adventurers, eager researchers and explorers

Our projects focus on everyday topics (such as weather, nature, animals, etc.), but also with art education, nature experience and the promotion of physical activities. They usually arise spontaneously, during age specific group work, through ideas, questions or inspirations from the children.

We see individual, open-end project work as very important. The journey is the goal. Children should gain experience, enjoy learning and discovering along the way.